This website is something of a fan site for a very old pen and paper RPG all about Street Fighter. Yes, the Capcom franchise. If you've never heard of it well this site probably isn't for you then because it doesn't contain any Street Fighter RPG 101 stuff. Not much will make sense without reading at least the core rulebook. If you are familiar with the game this site has things to help expand on the core book and provide alternatives to some of the sillier aspects - all in a thoroughly 90s layout and color scheme.

Furthur down this page you'll find a number of links to all the maneuver lists, additional abilities and so on. All links are either in HTML or TXT format. The site is best viewed at a 1024 by 768 screen resolution or higher. There are numerous tables throughout the site that will not display properly in a lower resolution.

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Site Table of Contents
Punch Maneuvers Modification Table The Hadou Quick Character Creation Guide
Kick Maneuvers List of Abort Maneuvers Schools Heritage Tables
Block Maneuvers Full Talent/Skill/Knowledge List Team Abilities Life Paths
Grab Maneuvers Merits list Katas  
Athletics Maneuvers Flaws list Blind Fighting  
Focus [A - M] / Focus 2 [N - Z] Backgrounds    
Weapon Maneuvers Animal Hybrids and Cyborgs (work in progress)
Weapon Values (text file) Hybrid Maneuver List (includes Kalindo maneuver list for Animal Hybrids)
The Qiao Converting other World of Darkness characters to Street Fighter

Update Status for 9/06/2017:

Added the Breakfall modifer chart to the entry for Breakfall under Athletics. Also allowed for several Grab maneuvers to get reduced damage from Breakfall but at high difficulty.
merged Lunacy and Narcolepsy into Mental Illness in the flaws page
(quicklist also updated to match)
extra clarification of Wanderlust, added second rank to it
some other minor clarifications and edits over the page
fixed description of Stolen Life which quoted wrong point values

Update Log (html)
Update Log (text file)

Master Maneuver List (Goes to a Google documents file which is a bit cheesy but has all the moves in one file. Be advised that it is a beastly 355 page document which does load rather slowly in a browser.)

Disagree with some of the changes I've made? Want to get an idea of why I made certain decisions? Check out the About the Site page.

Full Disclaimer

(the website that should need no introduction)
(has a long list of partially completed moves from games released after the RPG was written)
(has some additional errata and rules clarifications and additional fighting styles)
(Lists the styles in a format where it is easy to quickly browse through them. It uses the Japanese names to refer to characters, however, which can be confusing at times.)
(Scottish Highlander Fighting)
(the best part of this site is the Animal Companion page, but it seems the site has vanished into the internet ether)
(The Long Road to Victory)
(the compendium where most of these maneuvers originated from